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Meet the CIBD Team

CIBD feels that in-person tutoring is always best.
However, if circumstances require,
some are trained to tutor remotely.

Cynthia is the founder of Could It Be Dyslexia and is certified at the Master Level, the highest level, in the Barton System. She graduated from Ouachita Baptist University in Arkansas majoring in Elementary Education and pursued her Master's at Cal Poly, Pomona. She was a 5th grade teacher for 18 years, in both public and private schools, and was often a mentor teacher to student teachers. In 2009, she decided she wanted to make a difference in the lives of dyslexics, and made dyslexia remediation her full time job. She enjoys working one on one with her students at her home in Upland near the 210 and Campus. Cynthia has trained in SWI (Structured Word Inquiry), as well as the Foundation in Sound/LiPS programs (for those students who do not pass the Barton screening). Teaching is her passion and she feels blessed to love what she does for a living.

Brittney graduated from Grand Canyon University with a Bachelor's degree in Business Management. She has witnessed first hand the positive change the Barton System has made in many lives - including that of her older sister. She has a passion for helping people attain their maximum potential, and has successfully worked with students of all ages. She is a highly trained tutor, certified at the beginning level in the Barton System. She works out of her home near the 210 and Campus in Upland.

Heather earned her Bachelor's degree in Psychology with an emphasis in child development from Cal State San Bernardino and a Master's from the University of Redlands. Previously working with both children and adults with disabilities, along with being a child, sister and cousin of someone who is dyslexic, she understands the defeat her students feel. Her passion lies in helping others overcome their obstacles and being able to see their own potential. She is highly trained and is certified at the Beginner Level. She works out of her home in La Verne near the L.A. County Fair grounds.

Holly has a Bachelor's degree from Chapman University and a teaching credential from the University of Redlands. She served in the Marine Corps for 8 years, then moved to the High Desert and became an early elementary teacher. After 7 years in a classroom, she became a reading intervention teacher. While struggling to find support for her daughter, Holly became passionate about learning more information on dyslexia. Through this discovery, she found the Barton System and CIBD, and wanted to become a part of the solution. Holly is highly trained and is working toward her certification in the Barton System. She works out of her home in Victorville near the 15 and Mojave Drive.

Kathy has a Bachelor's Degree in Business and worked several years in the field of nonprofits serving others. She became aware of the Barton system after observing her granddaughter's struggle with reading. The impact the Barton System had with her granddaughter's skills to read and spell was amazing. It was then she decided she needed to be part of this life-changing skill. She is highly trained and is certified at the Beginner Level. She works out of her home in Ontario near the 60 freeway and Haven.

Kathy (Kathrine) attended college, then entered the work force in the financial industry where she managed over 50 employees, before becoming a stay at home mom involved with the local animal rescue and home school community. In 2010 she and her husband became licensed foster care parents, and have since adopted their youngest child through the system. Kathy recognized signs of dyslexia in her daughter, and had her evaluated with Could It Be Dyslexia. Through this process, her desire was to be part of the solution, so she learned everything she could about Dyslexia, completed the rigorous training to become a tutor, and is now a part of our team. She works out of her home office near Chino Airport, off of Euclid and Kimball.

Lisa has an Associate degree, and is the mom of a dyslexic. She began homeschooling her children in 2016, and her son completed the Barton System in 2018. She is highly trained in the tutoring process and is certified at the beginning level. She is our resident expert in assistive technology and the IEP process. Lisa enjoys working with students of all ages out of her home in Etiwanda/Rancho Cucamonga, near Day Creek and the 210.

Melissa is a stay-at-home mother who holds a Bachelor's degree in Studio Art from UC Irvine and a Master's degree in Education (emphasis in Holistic and Integrated Education) from Cal State San Bernardino. She has witnessed first hand the suffering and stigma related to dyslexia and has seen the extreme success of the Barton System in action. She is highly trained and is certified at the beginning level. She knows without a doubt that Barton improves lives holistically, both in capability and esteem recovery. She works out of her home in Yucca Valley.

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